21st July, 2009: I've been awarded a Visiting Professorship at Leeds College of Music for "having shown distinction in an area of professional practice and having developed an international profile in the field of music production". I wonder if I'll get to wear one of those gowns and a mortar board....?
11th February, 2010: At the annual Awards event of the Music Producer's Guild (UK) I was presented with the award for Recording Engineer of the Year, and another one for Best Live Album - "Astral Weeks, Live at the Hollywood Bowl" by Van Morrison. I am truly honoured!
There are press coverage reports for the whole event, which celebrated the work of many of the UK's producers and engineers, on the MPG website.
8th April, 2010: Almost finished two new tracks for Ariel Archer. All the recording and Pro Tools work is done - they just need the magic of the mix. Should be done by mid-May.
22nd April, 2010: Mixing the new album for Lloyd Cole - his first with a real band for ages - and great musicians they are too - great feel, spontaneity and good arrangements.
10th, May, 2010: In Florida, recording 4 new songs with Sparkydog & Friends in their home studio - great weather! Cycling 10-15 miles a day on my rented bike...
1st June, 2010: Back from Florida, editing and mixing 4 new Sparkydog songs in my studio in West London - should be finished by mid-July.
20th August, 2010: Mixing Paul Carrack's new album at AIR Lyndhurst studio 2 - a great mix room.
3rd Oct, 2010: I appeared on a Producer Panel at the Hotpress Music Show in Dublin, with Steve Lillywhite and Julie Feeney. Read the Hotpress review here - I was mis-quoted, but hey....
12 Nov 2010: Flying to Florida for the 3rd recording session with Sparkydog & Friends at their Magic Leap Studios
25 May, 2011: Produced a new EP for Phil Odgers, singer from punk/roots band, The Men They Couldn't Hang
15 Jun, 2011: The new album by Florida-based band, Sparkydog & Friends is now complete - mixed, edited and mastered (by Dennis Blackham at Skye Mastering)
5 July, 2011: Flying off to Australia for masterclasses at Brisbane's QUT and a general exploration of the music industry down under - also visiting New Zealand
11 Aug, 2011: Back form OZ/NZ - met so many good people there, including my new manager, Cath Haridy
Sept 2012: Finished production work on the new album for Phil Odgers, singer from the UK punk/roots band, The Men They Couldn't Hang, released on March 11th, 2013.
Mar 2013: Producing the 2nd album by Sebastopol - we've already recorded the basic tracks for the first 5 songs at London's Snap! Studios. Now editing and recording overdubs; guitars and vocals at my studio in West London.
Jan 2013: 2nd album by Sebastopol - we've finished recording the first 5 songs. Now preparing the rest of the album - rehearsing next week.
Feb 2014: 2nd album by Sebastopol - continuing rehearsals for the next recordings.
Nov 2016: 2nd album by Sebastopol - well it seems that I’ve not been updating my news page very much recently - over the past 2 years we’ve been recording, editing and mixing the 2nd album, and it’s now virtually complete! There are 11 tracks - all great new songs. Stay tuned for news of its release.
22 March 2017: Manuel Göttsching performs E2-E4 + The Ash Ra Tempel Experience
featuring Ariel Pink, Oren Ambarchi & Shags Chamberlain
Apr 1 2021: Steve Lamacq plays ‘The Crack’ album by The Ruts on BBC 6 Music!
Sept 25 2022: Ruts DC release new album ‘Counterculture’ produced by John ‘Segs’ Jennings
October 15 2022: My version of Terry Riley’s iconic ‘In C’ is finally released! Entitled ‘In C Electronic’, I’ve programmed and performed the piece using the Anyma Phi physical modelling synthesizer.
It’s available for streaming via Spotify, and all your favourite streaming platforms; Tidal, Apple Music, iTunes, Youtube, you name it…

”It is a symphony of electronic sound! It's like a beautifully woven magic carpet  of sound where the weaving is done so beautifully that you barely notice where one thread stops and another starts and it takes the listener to so many different destinations and feelings too. I particulalry like the last three minutes where it felt the sound journeying elements all created a rounded synthesis. Really awe inspiring.”
(Abi Rooley-Towle)
October 26 2022: The excellent album ‘Tiny Lungs’
by Lake and Sea (Theresa McKay and Neil Clark) is
finally released:
It was a pleasure to mix the album.
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