Interview in the Guardian with pioneer music composer Manuel Göttsching prior to his London concert next week. I mixed the album "Correlations" for Manuel's band, Ash Ra, back in 1978!

Great review for Phil 'Swill' Odgers 'The Godforsaken Voyage' on FATEA
20th 5 Star Review!! Thanks to 'Cath' for this one Cath says: What a fantastic album, a must for all you TMTCH fans out there and a brilliant purchase for those of you who have never heard of them! This is a chance to hear Swill at his vocal best. 10...
Three more great reviews of "The Godforsaken Voyage" ~ Phil Odgers
It's good to see The Godforsaken Voyage at #21 in the official AMAZON FOLK/ROOTS/WORLD Top 30 this month in fRoots magazine
15 x 5 star reviews on Amazon now for The Godforsaken Voyage
Phil Odgers talking about releasing "The Godforsaken Voyage" on vinyl - Extra track to be recorded!
Fatea Records review of "The Godforsaken Voyage"
More praise for for Phil Odgers' album "The Godforsaken Voyage"
Another great review of Phil Odgers' new album "The Godforsaken Voyage", featuring Eliza Carthy and John Jones released on March 11th
Read about Jack White and the blues in The @Guardian today
Just finished tracking 5 new songs with @SebastopolBand - just a few guitar overdubs tonight, then home!
I recommend @MPGawards winners @SnapStudiosUK to anyone - great room, great gear, great staff, great vibe!
Having a great time tracking with @SebastopolBand at @SnapStudiosUK
Phil Odgers' "The Godforsaken Voyage" is #4 in Amazon hot new releases Folk & Songwriter chart. Billy Bragg #1 & June Tabor #5.
The Godforsaken Voyage is the featured album on right now. @AcousticRoutes #Acousticroutes.
Another complimentary review of Phil Odgers' new album: "The Godforsaken Voyage" to be released on Mar 11
Interesting to read Andrew Loog Oldham's opinions about JoeMeek
The Beachboys "Good Vibrations" studio sessions 1966 on YouTube (thanks @ralphsalmins)
First promo for the new album by Phil Odgers
Trash2 - even better than the original version!
This article re artist (and producer) income ends with statement: "Maximum transparency will be the key" When?
A new track from Prince! It's been a long time...
Listen to "Dusty Fields" from Phil Odgers new album "The Godforsaken Voyage" (produced by me...) which is released March 11

Artwork for new Phil Odgers album: "The Godforsaken Voyage"

Phil Odgers (The Men They Couldn't Hang) to release solo album! - details here
What's wrong with the music industry? interview with Ed O'Brien at MIDEM 2010 - it's 2 years old, but worth watching..
For all you lefties out there - here's a list of guitarists who (like me) play left-handed, upside-down. We're in good company: Bobby Womack, Albert King, Jimmy Cliff, Otis Rush & many more...

New software/plug-ins this year...

Kush UBK-1 - this is a multi-function processor, which provides dynamic control, saturation and harmonic distortion. Each module has independent controls for mixing with the dry signal - very effective for comprehensive tone-shaping.

BFD2 & SSD drum production software: both have great sounds, and the programming interface of BFD2 is amazing. I used it on several tracks on Phil Odgers new album.

Alloy2 - another multi-function plug-in

Pendle Poucher sample libraries - unique instruments, lovingly sampled with several layers of dynamics - very expressive

Sonic Couture sample libraries - another provider of unique sampled sounds - great Broken Wurli instrument.

Great iPad app's (and cheap!):

Polychord (designed by my friend, producer Hugo Nicholson)

Drumjam (percussion programmer with extensive instrument library and great grooves)

Korg iMS-20 (based on the classic MS-20 analogue synth)

Autoharp (program your own tunings)

Auria - comprehensive multi-track recorder

Lemur programmable MIDI controller
A review of new equipment acquired....

This year, I've been adding significantly to my collection of effects pedal. I recently acquired several boutique fuzz and distortion pedals:

You might think that I already had enough fuzz pedals (Roger Mayer Fuzz Face, Vox Valve-Tone, Ashton DS-30, Electroharmonix Dual Muff, Classic Sansamp) but, believe me, they all sound different, and many of these boutique pedals have great octave options, and feature discrete transistors instead of op-amps, which vastly improve the sonic character and are very low noise. Of course, I use them to process lots of different instruments, not just guitars. 

I also bought a Ravish Sitar pedal by Electroharmonix - their products are all so unusual! It's great on keyboards and vocals.

I finally managed to acquire a Neumann M149 large diaphragm tube microphone. I'd been thinking about gewtting a classic Neumann for a while; a U67, U47 or M49, but the problem with vintage mics is that they can become unreliable, and you have to shell out for tube replacement (not easy!) replacement of leaky capacitors, etc. - not a lot of fun. So I decided to buy a brand new, with warranty, Neumann re-developed version of the classic M49. It sounds fantastic!

After watching Dan Auerbach playing a similar guitar on the Jools Holland show, I bought an Eastwood Supra Dual-Tone

Bon Iver at Wembley Arena tonight - sublime...!

Watch this amazing performance by Justin Vernon and UK group, The Staves

Sebastopol album cover "Hello All Stations, This is Zero"
Great review by GreenMan Music of the new album by Sebastopol (mixed by MG)
Off to Berlin for live performance of Correlations (which I mixed) by Ashra, band led by Manuel Gottsching creator of legendary #E2-E4 album
You can listen to an interview I gave with Russ Hughes of The Pro Tools Expert blog - click here
Phil Odgers' album is moving right along - such a plethora (posh word for loads) of instruments used: guitars (obviously) dulcimer, bouzouki, Uillean pipes, bodhran, hi-strung, djembe, no full kit (yet), acoustic bass, some very tasty sampled instruments (courtesy of Pendle Poucher).

Big thanks to Dave Carroll of Ozark Acoustic for his talented contributions (Uillean pipes, tenor mandolin, guitar, bouzouki, dulcimer) to the new album by Phil Odgers, and for my new tenor guitar!
Lovin' the new Jack White album - great performance vibe - tremendous variety of songwriting, even sounds like The Beatles in places!
Phil Odgers' EP, 'Sunday Morning Coming Down' (produced by MG) gets an amazing 30+ 5 star reviews on Amazon UK. This is WAY above the number of reviews most CD's get on there and REALLY should be pointed out to radio stations up and down the land.
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